Neeli London

It started with with clothing labels that we did not get to do! Little did we know at the time that we will be doing the main work for this company, who is all the way from Albania. Neeli London sells high street fashion brands such as Gucci, Prada & Versace. The unique thing about Neeli London is even though they have thousands of products to sell, they only sell 2 or max 3 of each product keeping it more exclusive. Neeli London had been trying to develop & launch their website for over 2 years. It was blind faith for them because owners of the company did now know what we where capable of … to be honest neither did we 🙂

In other words

What we accomplished for Neeli London is  a fully responsive e-commerce website solution, where the website changes its layout depending on the device the website is opened in e.g. mobile, tablet or PC. Beautifully designed and available in 3 different  languages.