H2O Auto

realized that for most people owning a car is probably one of the biggest investments people make. H20 as well as providing a professional valeting services they also provide fleet maintenance services to external companies.


aimed to provide a level of branding and designing that excels in all areas of car valeting service generically. Every artwork unique and funky, while giving a clear sign professionalism. Though Mr Imtiaz is/ was the real genius behind the ideas of the artwork … We were just tools who helped to bring his vision to reality.

The people behind the company very precise and passionate of they wanted … As being designers we could not help it! like children we wanted to simply start drawing and painting but we where disciplined by Mr Imtiaz, we simply could not do as we pleased as designers! (children).

Children being children, do most of the times get their way … enough said ­čśŤ
This is some of work we have done for h20 autos.

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